Julie Soukup

Host of Take: 1 Patient

VP Sales. Expert in Tech Start-up and Growth Strategies. Host of 'Take 1: Patient' Podcast. Master Communicator, Trainer, and Coach. Author of 'Adventures of Jade and Sky' book series. Twin Mom.

Guest Appearances: Podcasts and More

Check out these video podcasts where our host, Julie Soukup has been a guest!

From Exhausted to Extraordinary
with Dr. Sharon Grossman

Airiing May 5, 2022

This is a show for 6-figure executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals in high-stress industries who want to unblock their mind, reshape their thinking, and return the joy to their work. 

You will hear from industry experts and fellow who will share their practical and powerful strategies for living your best life. 

Selling Virtually with SmileSnap

Effectively communicate through video so that more patients say YES!

Virtual consultations are a new concept for many practices and understanding how to communicate without being in person can be a challenge for some. That is why we have partnered with Play by Play Performance to help practices be more effective using virtual consultations to get patients to say yes BEFORE they come into your practice.

Real Talk Sales with Sherrine Washington

The Power of Video Coaching A Case Acceptance Tool on Steroids 1 with Guest Julie Soukup 

Record your live consultations and see what is really going down in the consultation room!! Watch me live with my very special guest Julie Soukup of Medical Memory on Wednesday, July 7 at 12pm EST. Find out why video coaching is a powerful case acceptance tool for elective medical practices. Pinpoint the R.E.A.L WHY when a patient does NOT move forward.

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