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A Communication Excellence Podcast

With Medical Memory recording over 177,000 (and counting) patients, we felt it relevant to start discussing the best practices in patient communication and how can we optimize these conversations now captured and recorded by video.

We will be meeting with industry and video communication experts about how to elevate these conversations to optimize time, and maximize the patient experience. What can we learn from the medical and surrounding industries now that the camera is on, and the patient is watching? 

Julie Soukup 


Master Communicator and Lecturer

Over 10 years Coaching and Teaching Doctors, Nurses and Consultants Communication and Empathetic Listening Techniques. 

VP Sales for Medical Memory.  
Expert in Tech Start-up and Growth Strategies

Proud Twin Mom and Author of 'Adventures of Jade and Sky' Kids Book Series


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Times an Average Video Shared


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Dr. Al Carter

CEO at National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Aired 4/19/2023

Dr. Al Carter, PharmD is the Executive Director and the CEO of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. He joins our host Julie Soukup, VP of The Medical Memory to discuss the imperative importance of educating patients about online and faux pharmacies. 

In our podcast, he discusses the importance of nurses educating patients about the concerns of misusing medication or utilizing illegitimate online pharmacies. 

He talks about the programs the State Board of Pharmacy is putting in place to track the dispensing of controlled substances, for not only pharmacists but for prescribers. Especially in the Pain Clinic era where some patients go state to state in hopes of 'beating the system.' A Platform that connected all systems to protect patients became imperative. 

What was incredibly powerful was his conversation about online Pharmacies. Over 95% of the pharmacies that are online are actually not credible. The concern and fear of this are that these can be pharmacies that are not licensed and not following FDA regulations. Many of the medications are laced or have no active ingredients. For some patients this can be fatal and over 109K patients died last year due to overdose, or taking something and not understanding whats in it. 

There are many ways to verify pharmacies, and he gives tips for doing so.

Jacob Hiller

Chief Growth Officer 
Dental Implant Machine

Jacob Hller's Podcast Full Arch Secrets from Dental Implant Machine hosts Julie Soukup from The Medical Memory. 


 From revolutionizing communication dynamics to fostering patient-centric approaches, we delve into the secrets behind elevating dental implant practices to new heights of success. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, this discussion offers essential insights for anyone looking to thrive in the evolving landscape of dental implant procedures. Tune in to learn how to schedule more consultations by connecting your marketing to your patient’s journey!

Dr. Eric Wilke

Emergency Room Physician

Aired 10-5-2023

"Emergency Rom Video Communication & Automation" with Dr. Eric Wilke, ER Doctor

Dr. Eric Wilke, Emergency Room Physician and COO of TECHealth discusses using video to automate patient communication for many patients who walk into the ER and leave with the same challenge. He discusses using new technology, recording, and AI to leverage the repetition with patients in the emergency room. This allows doctors and nurses to save time, specifically in discharge while still effectively educating these patients.


• Dr. Eric Wilke is a physician, entrepreneur, and technology specialist focusing on emergency care and patient communication. 
• He went to medical school in Texas, completed his residency in Phoenix, and has practiced emergency medicine for 25 years.
• He had discovered gaps in the emergency room, such as inadequate documentation solutions for recording conversations between physicians and patients and high volumes of printed discharge information being thrown out.
• He developed an Electronic Medical Record software with a media function to help condense discharge instructions into one page or less and enable audio recordings of patient interactions.
• The recordings provide structure around what should be discussed with the patient during the visit, help ensure all relevant information is provided, increase retention rates for patients, reduce task-switching interruptions from providers, and provide medical legal protection.

Sponsored By: 

The Medical Memory

Medical Memory is a HIPAA Compliant App utilized at hospitals and clinics across the country to video record patient updates for patients and family members to rewatch important health information.  

From family updates to clinical visits, rehab exercises, discharge, or even custom prerecorded content, Medical Memory is revolutionizing the gap in patient and provider care simply by pressing 'Record.' 


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