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A Communication Excellence Podcast

With Medical Memory recording over 177,000 (and counting) patients, we felt it relevant to start discussing the best practices in patient communication and how can we optimize these conversations now captured and recorded by video.

We will be meeting with industry and video communication experts about how to elevate these conversations to optimize time, and maximize the patient experience. What can we learn from the medical and surrounding industries now that the camera is on, and the patient is watching? 

Julie Soukup 


Master Communicator and Lecturer

Over 10 years Coaching and Teaching Doctors, Nurses and Consultants Communication and Empathetic Listening Techniques. 

VP Sales for Medical Memory.  
Expert in Tech Start-up and Growth Strategies

Proud Twin Mom and Author of 'Adventures of Jade and Sky' Kids Book Series


Patient Videos and Counting


Times an Average Video Shared


Simple Mobile App

Sean Wood

VP for Our Medical Practice. 

Aired 3/21/2023

Sean Wood, VP of Our Medical Practice and Pharmacy Technician talks with Julie Soukup, VP of Sales for The Medical Memory about a newer way to look at patient discharge from hospital to homecare where the Clinical Pharmacy and Provider team are intimately involved to ensure successful outcomes and prevent readmission. He emphasizes the importance of ensuring there's no duplication, effective compliance, and other clinical directives.


A multifaceted approach means a lot of information and a newer perspective on how to work with patients. So this system ensures patients stay compliant with their providers and medications. Everyone is informed, including patients and their families.

Dr. Melody
Aired 12-13-2022

Dr. Hartzler leads the Pharm to Table team to help patients better manage chronic disease through functional and integrative medicine. 

In this podcast, she talks about the challenges nurses and discharge providers face to fully understand and educate patients about the medications that they take. Understanding time constraints and patient scheduling, she offers advice on how to support and educate patients via educational videos or programs like theirs. Most importantly, she talks about the need for reconciliation of current medications and looking at the patient as a whole.

Dr. Tanya Osborne-McKenzie
Aired 8-16-2022

'The only way to avoid a surgical complication is to not have surgery.' Yet, when they do happen, how do you navigate that conversation with your patients especially when you are not the surgeon that did the surgery. 

Dr. Anthony Romeo, is a Shoulder, Elbow, Sports Medicine surgeon at Duly Health and Care, Chief Medical Editor for Orthopedics Today at Healio, and the Executive Vice President of the Musculoskeletal Institute. His experience and reputation have made him a renowned surgeon for treating revisions and supporting secondary (or more) surgeries when there are original complications. 

In this podcast, he talks live with our host, Julie Soukup, about how to talk with patients when things DON'T go right in their surgery, and how to talk with a patient about complications. Not only when you are the surgeon that completed the work, but also when you are the revisionist surgeon.

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The Medical Memory

Medical Memory is a HIPAA Compliant App utilized at hospitals and clinics across the country to video record patient updates for patients and family members to rewatch important health information.  

From family updates to clinical visits, rehab exercises, discharge, or even custom prerecorded content, Medical Memory is revolutionizing the gap in patient and provider care simply by pressing 'Record.' 


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